A host of events is being planned at Hinchingbrooke Hospital to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS on July 5.

Albert WardAlbert Ward

The North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, which also manages Peterborough City and Stamford hospitals, is appealing to members of the public and its staff share their memories and any photographs they have.

The trust would also like to hear from anyone who has a birthday on July 5 or was born at one of its hospitals and says it will be holding events in the run-up to the anniversary.

Stephen Graves, chief executive of the trust, said: “To honour one of the country’s most beloved institutions, we are asking staff, both past and present, who have worked or trained with us to share their memories with us as we look back at our incredible history. We would also love to hear from patients who have experienced excellent care in our hospitals over the years.

“As part of our celebrations, we would also like to invite anyone who shares a birthday with the NHS to be part of the special occasion.”

70th anniversay of NHS70th anniversay of NHS


* The NHS was launched on July 5, 1948 by the then health secretary Aneurin Nye Bevan.

* The NHS model was born out of a long-held belief that healthcare should be available to all, regardless of ability to pay.

*1952 - prescription charges introduced at a cost of one shilling (5p). Charges abolished in 1965 and reintroduced in 1968.

70th anniversary of the NHS70th anniversary of the NHS

* 1953 - Cambridge scientists reveal the structure of DNA.

* 1954 - link established between smoking and cancer.

* 1958 - vaccinations for polio and diphtheria made available for children under the age of 15.

* 1960 - first kidney transplant.

A child in an iron lungA child in an iron lung

* 1961 - the contraceptive pill is made widely available.

* 1962 - first hip replacement.

* 1967 - Abortion Act is introduced making abortion legal up to 28 weeks, lowered to 24 weeks in 1990.

* 1978 - first test-tube baby, Louise Brown, is born.

Victoria WardVictoria Ward

* 1986 - Aids and HIV health campaign launched.

* 1988 - breast screening is introduced.

* 1994 - organ donor register launched.

* 2008 - HPV vaccination programme introduced for teenage

70th anniversary of NHS70th anniversary of NHS

INFO: Contact the trust’s communications team either by email: nwangliaft.nhs70@nhs.net or call: 01733 677581.