Oil giant opposes service area expansion

OIL giant BP is opposing expansion of the Brampton Hut service area at the junction of the A1 and A14.

Huntingdonshire planners will be asked next Monday to grant outline planning consent for two additional catering outlets – interest has reportedly been expressed by OK Diner, Costa and KFC – and a picnic area beside the existing facility.

The proposal envisages access off the existing internal roundabout within the site, but BP, which operates the filling station, says it will not permit that.

BP says the proposal is an unwarranted encroachment on open countryside and, if the catering outlets are needed anywhere, they should be in the town centre.

The company, which asserts that the applicant, Mr D Lodge, has no rights over the internal access roads, says the development, if allowed, would cause traffic to queue back onto the Brampton Hut interchange.

Officers say they cannot object to the principle of the development and recommend approval.