Official Monster Raving LOVELY Party

THE world of politics is not one normally associated with haute couture.

However, loony local politician Lord Toby Jug has made a 19-year-old fashion model the shadow minister for beauty, glamour and culture for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

Harriadne Beau was signed up by Lord Toby as he celebrated 25 years in politics in St Ives last week.

Harriadnie, from Whittlesey, is the face of The Only Way Is Essex haunt the Sugar Hut, and is involved in the breast cancer charity Detect and Protect.

She said: “I don’t know a lot about politics but I am really excited to be involved with the party.”

Lord Toby, 46, said: “She was appointed because she is beautiful, glamorous and is very cultured as well as supporting the party. Obviously, we are the only party that has got a lot of class so she decided to join the classiest party.”

Harriadnie giggled as Lord Toby unveiled his manifesto for the St Ives Town Council by-election on July 19. It includes turning the Spanish fishing fleet into pleasure boats for St Ives, creating a UFO landing strip on Holt Island and putting lie detectors in council chambers.

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The other by-election candidates are: Richard Allen (Lab), Ryan Fuller (Con), Margaret King (UKIP), Richard Oliver (Lib Dem) and Peter Smith (Ind).