Officers launch crackdown on anti-social driving in St Neots

Cambridgeshire Police

Cambridgeshire Police - Credit: Archant

A CRACKDOWN on anti-social driving has been launched in St Neots.

Numerous complaints have been made about people driving aggressively, playing loud music, revving engines and doing handbrake turns in the town, particularly in the Riverside Park area.

Huntingdonshire District Council is working with Cambridgeshire police to put up posters in affected areas, warning drivers that they may be issued with warnings that, if they flout, could lead in their vehicle being seized or destroyed.

Pc Aaron Murphy said: “We will not tolerate driving that causes so much disturbance and concern for local people and we will use all the powers at our disposal to prevent it.

“We have produced these posters so the drivers know we will take action and could have their vehicles confiscated or destroyed if they do ignore a warning from us.”

If the problem continues, officers will use their powers to disperse crowds, prohibiting them from returning within 24 hours.

INFORMATION: Anyone with information about anti-social driving should call police on 101.