OBITUARY: Huntingdon radio stalwart David Brockman dies aged 59

David Brockman at Huntingdon Community Radio where he was an executive producer.

David Brockman at Huntingdon Community Radio where he was an executive producer. - Credit: Archant

David Brockman, for about a decade a stalwart of Huntingdon’s ­community radio station, has died.

Mr Brockman, 59, of Bevan Close, Huntingdon, was an executive producer for HCR104fm, the community radio station based at the Saxongate Centre in the town, and was responsible for a ­variety of programmes, including the Over to You section and the Student Zone.

He had been ill for some time following a bowel problem in December and was put into a coma by doctors. He had fought back to recover and was released from Hinchingbrooke Hospital, in March.

His sister, Fran, looked after him when he returned home but after a fall at the beginning of May, he was readmitted to Hinchingbrooke and was transferred to Papworth Hospital, where he died on Thursday.

Station manager and Huntingdon Mayor Bill Hensley said he was a lovely man and a good friend, adding that the loss of his expertise was a blow for the radio station and the people who worked with him.

“He was always smiling and always happy, even when he was down on his luck,” he said. “He was always optimistic and a lovely friend.”

Ray Godby, director of operations at HCRfm, said: “He was a wordsmith. In meetings if there were 20 words to be said, he would say 40. He worked in London as a station announcer so it was the right job for him.

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“He loved Huntingdon and Huntingdonshire after he moved here in 2003. He worked at the Hinchingbrooke Hospital radio station so he was at the forefront of getting HCR its licence.

“He loved helping the young people at the radio station and I am sure his legacy will live on.”

His friend Mick Taylor said he would miss a man who always put others before himself, showed determination and strength and was knowledgeable about so many subjects.

Mr Brockman begun a media career in 1972, helping to edit the television pages of the Radio Times. He also worked on That’s Life and the Multi-Coloured Swap Shop as well as producing live programmes for BBC Radio London.

He went on to provide feature material for ITV, Channel 4, Five, UK Living and BBC News as well as on radio stations such as LBC, and the BBC.

At HCRfm, Mr Brockman conceived the idea of Huntsford, the station’s soap opera, and as a passionate fan of Eurovision, produced a special programme for broadcast.

Pete Singleton, who worked with Mr Brockman at the radio station, said: “His encouragement and support of young people, especially in the voluntary sector, was astounding and there are many who have been influenced by him. We will be all the poorer for his passing.”

His funeral details will be released at a later date.