A St Ives manufacturing company has donated IV stands to Peterborough City Hospital.

Orbital Fabrications Ltd wanted to support cancer community nurses who treat patients in their own homes who were struggling because they didn’t have all the equipment they needed.

A spokesman for Peterborough City Hospital said: “The nurses have been working even harder during the pandemic to visit patients shielding in the community.

“They have received a donation of mobile IV stands from Orbital who heard nurses were using coat hangers to hook their IV fluid bags over patients’ curtain rails or doors.

Tim Kennett, sales and marketing manager at Orbital, said: “We have already had great feedback from the nurses who think the stands are excellent.

“This all came about because my wife is one of the nurses in the team for this relatively new scheme to treat cancer patients at home. She mentioned to me that she was having to hang the IV bag on curtain rails, wardrobes etc.”