Number of new homes set to treble in Huntingdonshire

Huntingdonshire District Council's Pathfinder House.

Huntingdonshire District Council's Pathfinder House. - Credit: Archant

Huntingdonshire District Council is set to treble the amount of homes built each year in order to reach its target.

At a meeting of the full council on Wednesday (July 27), executive leader Councillor Robin Howe delivered his annual State of the District report during which he stated that the council plans to build 21,000 homes by 2036.

“Our aim is to meet the housing needs of a rapidly growing population and our local plan for 21,000 by 2036,” he said.

“These will ensure that the council is improving the supply of new and affordable housing to meet the needs of the future generations of Huntingdonshire residents.”

Last year the district saw a completion of 540 new homes compared to 515 in the previous year but this is set to be increased with larger developments progressing.

Cllr Howe added: “Delivery of new houses is well on the way in the district and building at key sites including Alconbury Weald and Godmanchester.”

Despite support from members of the council on developments through the area concerns were raised about the reason for the increase.

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Leader of the opposition Councillor Sarah Conboy said: “We want homes to meet local needs rather than just national targets. We want even more affordable homes and we want an even more strategic approach in planning those homes.”

As a part of the plan for more houses Cllr Howe stated that the new homes should create new jobs in the area as well.

He said: “We need to ensure that people can live and work in this area they don’t need to commute into London to work.”

This was supported by Cllr Conboy who stated: “We don’t want more homes without more jobs and we don’t want just any jobs we want jobs with a real future. We need to work across the public sector to exert our influence and make sure the infrastructure is in place.”

As a part of his speak Cllr Howe also told members that as a part of the planning process for housing developments in St Neots, Huntingdon and St Ives there will need to be a prerequisite for infrastructure.