A norovirus break-out at one of Cambridgeshire’s biggest hospitals has caused staff to restrict visitors to protect patients from catching the viral infection.

It was revealed today (February 7) that hospital staff have seen a rise in cases of norovirus, which cases diarrhoea and vomiting, at the Hills Road facility.

A spokesman said: “If you think you have norovirus, or if anyone else in your household is affected, do not visit until at least 48 hours after your symptoms have disappeared.

“No visitors will be allowed on closed wards except by prior arrangement in exceptional circumstances. If you are planning a visit, call to check if a ward is affected.”

Visiting times on all adult wards – not just those where there are patients with norovirus – are now restricted.

Only two adult visitors per patient are allowed at any one time, and children are not allowed to enter wards unless their visit is “essential”.

Medical director, Ashley Shaw said: “We hope people understand that the reason we put these restrictions in place is to help protect our patients by stopping the spread of this virus.

“The best treatment for the virus is to rest at home and drink plenty of fluids. In otherwise healthy people, it normally clears up after around 48 hours.

“If you are concerned or you have other health problems, speak to your GP or NHS Direct.”

To check if a ward is affected, call: 01223 245151.