Nominations close for May 3 poll

EVERY vacant seat on Huntingdonshire District Council will be contested on May 3 by Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Labour and the UK Independence Party, except Sawtry, where the Tories are not standing again long-serving Independent Dick Tuplin, and Ramsey where there is no Lib-Dem candidate.

Parish elections are currently expected to be contested on May 3 in Pidley-cum-Fenton, Godmanchester (though withdrawals could change that), the East Ward for Huntingdon Town Council and the whole of St Ives Town Council, where Conservatives will be hoping to wrest back control from the Independent group that took over in a landslide victory in 2008.

The full list of candidates for HDC seats (though they can withdraw at any time until noon today Wednesday) is:

C=Conservative; Ind=Independent; L=Labour; LD=Liberal Democrat; UKIP= UK Independence Party; *denotes sitting councillor.

Brampton: Adrian Arnett (UKIP), *Peter Downes (LD), Robert Pugh (L), Tina Theodorou (C).

Godmanchester: Ann Beevor (L), Robert Brown (UKIP), Laine Kadi? (C), Nigel Pauley (Ind), David Underwood (LD).

Huntingdon East: Sir Peter Brown (C), Marion Kadewere (L), Derek Norman (UKIP), *Mike Shellens (LD).

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Huntingdon North: Peter Ashcroft (UKIP), *Jeff Dutton (C), Patrick Kadewere (L), Trish Shrapnel (LD).

Ramsey: Susan Coomey (L), Brian Cunningham (C), Lisa Duffy (UKIP).

Sawtry: Roger Henson (UKIP), Mary Howell (L), *Dick Tuplin (Ind).

Somersham: *Steve Criswell (C), Tony Jebson (LD), Shirley Reeve (UKIP), Graeme Watkins (L).

St Ives East: *Jason Ablewhite (C), Paul Bullen (UKIP), Lord Toby Jug (Loony), Richard Oliver (LD), Angela Richards (L).

St Ives West: Richard Allen (L), Ryan Fuller (C), David Hodge (LD), Margaret King (UKIP), Heather Merryweather (Ind).

St Neots Eaton Ford: Marion Appleton (UKIP), Nicholas Berry (LD), *Bob Farrer (C), Nik Johnson (L).

St Neots Eaton Socon: Derek Giles (Ind), *Andy Jennings (C), Patricia Nicholls (L), Jenny O’Dell (UKIP), Gordon Thorpe (LD).

St Neots Eynesbury: *Andrew Hansard (C), David Howard (UKIP), Bill O’Connor (L), Doug Terry (LD).

The Hemingfords: *Ian Bates (C), Paul Boothman (Ind), Ian Percy (UKIP), David Priestman (LD), John Watson (L).

Warboys and Bury: Tony Hulme (LD), John Pethard (C), Iain Ramsbottom (L), Michael Tew (UKIP).

Yaxley and Farcet: Margaret Cochrane (L), Barry Hyland (UKIP), Mark Oliver (C), Chris Waites (LD).

The full list of candidates for the parish council is:

St Ives (West): Michael Burke (C), Ian Dobson (Ind), Kathleen Hewitt (C), David Hodge (LD), Margaret King (UKIP), Deborah Reynolds (C), and Debbie Townsend (Ind).

St Ives (East): Jason Ablewhite (C), Angie Ayers-Wilson (Ind), Diane Birnie (UKIP), Paul Bullen (UKIP), Maureen Clarke (C), Jennifer Coville (Ind), Nick Dibben (Ind), Tim Drye (Ind), Pamela Edey (Ind), Ryan Fuller (C), Christopher Hayton (C), Nigel Hookham (C), Antony Innes (C), Phil Pope (Ind), and Heather Ward (C).

St Ives (South): Susan Campbell (C), Ziaur Choudhrey (C), Martin Collier (Ind), John Davies (C), Ian Jackson (Ind) Lord Tody Jug (Loony), Brian Luter (Ind), Rahman Mokshud (C), Deborah Richardson (Ind), Jonathan Salt (Ind), and Matthew Smith (Ind).

Huntingdon (East): James Farmer (C), Robert Pugh (L), and Kevin Sumner (LD).

Godmanchester: Richard Butcher, Malcolm Cohen, Louise Copper, Roger Coxhead, Michael Godley, Laine Kadic (C), Roger Leivers, Jennie Macleod, Peter Morgan, Nigel Pauley, Nicholas Russel, David Taylor, David Underwood, Christopher Vane, Nicholas Wells, Alan Welton, Graham Wilson, Sarah Wilson, and Susan Worthington.

Pidley-cum-Fenton: John Armstrong, Sarah Austin, Daniel Brown, Rebecca Harper, David Hopkins, Bob Johnson, Michael Newman, and Paul Wilderspin.