A NINE-year-old girl’s quick actions saved her father’s life when he had an epileptic fit on holiday.

Rhiannon Baldock was at Searles Leisure Resort, in Hunstanton, on Tuesday last week, when her father Richard had a fit as they left the camp’s clubhouse.

Mr Baldock, 33, of The Whaddons, Huntingdon, said: “Quite simply, she saved my life.

“It was the second morning of the holiday and we had just played arcade games. As we left, I had an epileptic fit and smashed the back of my head open.

“Rhiannon didn’t panic and ran to the boathouse and got two men who were working there. Then she ran to the reception area to get more help.

“It’s all a bit of a blur to me as I woke up in the back of an ambulance but I’m told that I stopped breathing and it was her actions that saved my life.

“She was absolutely amazing. It was my second epileptic fit – my first was years ago and Rhiannon knew I was an epileptic and just knew what to do.

“I was in hospital for the day and stayed with my brother, Geoff, who lives close to Hunstanton, and his wife drove Rhiannon back to her mum, Rebecca, in Huntingdon.

“As we were only on the second day of the holiday I have promised that I will take her away on another holiday – what else can you do for someone who has saved your life?”