Nicola Presland wins Eaton Ford by-election

Nicola Presland is standing in the Eaton Ford By-election

Nicola Presland is standing in the Eaton Ford By-election - Credit: Archant

Nicola Presland has won the Eaton Ford by-election and will take up her seat on St Neots Town Council.

The result of today’s by-election was announced at 10.45pm.

The results of the election are as follows:

Nicola Presland (Our Community, my Priority) 544 votes.

Bob Farrer (independent) 172 votes.

James Goodman (Green Party) 67 votes.

Sean Miles (Labour) 58 votes.

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Before the election, Mrs Presland said: “I live in Eaton Ford and grew up here and work as a paralegal for a St Neots law firm. I am standing for election as an independent candidate because I would like the opportunity to serve the community which has given me and my family so much.

“I believe the town council is a place where the interests of local people and of Eaton Ford are the only priority and wanting to be a councillor should not be about having a personal axe to grind or party politics or to campaign on national or global issues which your local council cannot influence.

“I don’t have the resources of a political party or wealthy backing, but I do care passionately about where we live and making a difference. “Here are some of the issues I have raised on the doorstep: cuts in services, threats by developers on open spaces such as the Ouse Meadows and attempts to acquire open spaces in Eaton Ford for infill development.”