NHS campaign group Hands Off Hinchingbrooke is running a week-long exhibition to keep the public informed about changes at the Huntingdon hospital.

From April 1, Hinchingbrooke Hospital NHS Trust merged with Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust to become part of North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust but campaigners believe the merger will result in cuts to services and risks to patients.

Hands Off Hinchingbrooke secretary, Lorna Mansbridge said: “By creating this exhibition, we aim to inform the local public about what is going on at Hinchingbrooke and in the NHS as a whole, and why so many hospitals are being closed or downgraded.

“It’s really not just about the local services. They are being cut and changed because of the larger decisions being made by government and people outside our region.”

The Hands Off Hinchingbrooke exhibition is at Huntingdon library until Saturday. For more details, e-mail group member Steven Carne on carnesteven@gmail.com or view www.handsoffhinchingbrooke.org.