Our next 'We Need to Talk...' podcast will focus on mental health

We Need to Talk podcast

Our next podcast episode will focus on mental health. - Credit: Archant

Our next We Need to Talk podcast episode will focus on mental health when it is launched at the end of January. 

We know that 2020 was a tough year for everyone, and with Covid-19 restrictions being tightened, it is paramount that we take time out to look after our own wellbeing. 

January can be a difficult month, so weekly articles at The Hunts Post will be published online and in print with advice from mental health experts and those who are currently living with anxiety and depression. 

Our podcast will also feature interviews from those who struggle with mental health but are keen to share their hope on ways to cope to lead a fulfilling life. 

You can listen via our host Audioboom online at www.podfollow.com/need-to-talk once the episode is launched at the end of this month. 

Until then, stay safe and look out for our weekly updates.