New Year arrival scuppers Huntingdonshire mum’s party plans

PARTY guests watched the New Year fireworks on TV ... unaware their hostess had been taken to hospital in labour.

PARTY guests watched the New Year fireworks on TV ... unaware their hostess had been taken to hospital in labour.

Nurse Marie Ayson gave birth to Rhedyn Mariel at seven minutes past midnight at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Huntingdon.

Mrs Ayson, 33, of Cheere Way, Papworth Everard, began having contractions on the morning of New Year’s Eve but carried on preparing for the get-together she and husband Ricky had planned.

With the celebrations in full swing, at 11.20pm Ricky took his wife to the hospital ... and less than an hour later Rhedyn weighed in at 7lb and 8oz.

Mrs Ayson, who has two other children – Rhianna, seven, and Rhys, two – said: “My friends were watching the London fireworks on TV and did not know I had gone to hospital.

“We were expecting Rhedyn at Christmas so decided to have Christmas at my friend’s house in case I had to give birth, and new year in our house. My husband’s birthday is also December 30.

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“On New Year’s Eve, I started having contractions in the morning. I rang Hinchingbrooke and they said just carry on as usual.”

Also born on New Year’s Day was Lily May Shaw to parents Sarah and Dave, of Brampton.

Mrs Shaw, 32, whose husband runs Brampton post office, began having contractions before midnight and gave birth to 8lb 14oz Lily at 4.29pm at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

Mrs Shaw said Lily’s sister Katie, three, was thrilled with the new arrival. “If you are going to have a date of birth, 01/01/11 is pretty cool,” said Mrs Shaw.

“Katie is so proud. Because Katie was an early baby, we thought Lily might be, so we told Katie she would have a new sister for Christmas.”

Gemma Sabine gave birth at 10.10pm on New Year’s Day to George, who weighed 9lb 1oz.

Mrs Sabine, 32, who lives in West Street, St Neots, with husband Paul, 31, and daughters Abigail, three, and Lyla, two, said: “It was a good New Year – but a hectic one.”

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