There was a buzz in the air at Hinchingbrooke Park when a new access ramp was opened at the apiary.

The park already has paths suitable for buggies, wheelchair users and people with impaired vision and the ramp makes it possible for them to enjoy the apiary from the viewing gallery where they can see the bees in action.

The ramp has been installed by Huntingdon Beekeepers’ Association (HBKA) with support from Huntingdon Town Council and the friends of Hinchingbrooke Country Park.

It was opened by David Hetherington, HBKA president, with Councillor Richard West, chairman of Huntingdonshire District Council, and Cllr Jay Dyne, mayor of Huntingdon.

Councillor Jim White, responsible for countryside services at the district council which manages the park, said: “This ramp is another great addition to the park.

“The park already hosts over 100,000 people every year and these facilities enrich the visitor experience.

“I would like to congratulate the Beekeepers’ Association, the friends and my town council counterparts for their initiative.”

The apiary has been at the park since 2000 and demand for its honey usually exceeds supply.