New mayor set to take on charity challenge

The mayor of St Ives Councillor Tim Drye (Right) with the Deputy mayor Councillor Daniel Rowe

The mayor of St Ives Councillor Tim Drye (Right) with the Deputy mayor Councillor Daniel Rowe - Credit: Archant

The mayor of St Ives Councillor Tim Drye was elected at last nights mayor making.

PICTURE: Adam Roberts

PICTURE: Adam Roberts - Credit: Archant

The making, which was held in the Corn exchange in St Ives, saw Cllr Drye elected as the mayor of St Ives.

Cllr Drye was chosen as mayor following a unanimous vote at the town council meeting on Wednesday, where he spoke about his plans for his term as mayor.

The plans include celebrating the town’s history as well, the people of St Ives.

Cllr Drye also spoke about his fundraising challenge, which includes him taking on 12 different activities in the next year, to raise money for various local charities and organisations.

He said: “I am really looking forward to being mayor this year. It is going to be really fun and I feel privileged to have been elected.

“What I really want to do is a bit like what Phil did, he was very good at getting the council out to the young people and I would really like to make sure that other parts of the community feel like the civic place is for them.

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“Communities that aren’t always as involved such as the ethnic communities, Polish community, Islamic community and various other ones who don’t yet participate very much, I want to try and actively go out and show them that I am their mayor as much as everyone else.”

Cllr Drye said that a list of the charities that he wants to donate to aren’t final yet, but he knows that he wants to focus on mental health.

He said: “It’s really important for me that we focus on a mental health charity as well as all the other amazing organisations. I want to be a person that people can reach out to and try and donate my time to mental health charities as it is such a big thing these days, especially in men.

Councillor Daniel Rowe was appointed deputy mayor for the first time, succeeding Cllr Drye.

Cllr Drye went on to say : “What I like about St Ives is the fact that it is filled with a whole bunch of people who are quite stubborn in a sense, and they are the people that make sure we get things done and there is so much energy and vibrancy in the town and a whole variety of different people and it’s really great for being that place where everyone can come together.”