Clifford Thomas is the new mayor of Godmanchester

The new Godmanchester mayor is Clifford Thomas.

The new Godmanchester mayor is Clifford Thomas. - Credit: GTC

New mayor of Godmanchester, Cllr Clifford Thomas, is keen to see the town get back to normal after the coronavirus pandemic. 

He said the town council was particularly keen to complete a series of key projects before the whole of the authority is up for election next year.

“I would like to see them completed in time so they are ready for the incoming council next May,” said Cllr Clifford who has been a member of the town council for three years and has chaired the business group,

He said some of the schemes being developed by what had been a very busy council had been affected by the pandemic.

“I would like to see us come out of the very difficult time we have had and return to something more like a normal life, but we must not forget those who have been disadvantaged by it,” Cllr Clifford said.

Projects include the multi-wheel fun track which replaces the old BMX track at Judith’s Field and the installation of Skyworld climbing equipment and Willow Walk feature at the recreation ground.

Cllr Thomas, a former squadron commander at RAF Wyton, s

aid he also wanted to see a full survey of traffic in the town carried out once the new road system settled down following the A14 upgrade so that areas of concern could be highlighted. 

New deputy mayor Cllr Colin Hyams said: “I look forward to working with the mayor Clifford Thomas in a very progressive way over the next year.”

Cllr Hyams has been a long-serving councillor on local councils and was last deputy mayor around 10 years ago. He is also a former mayor of Huntingdon.

He said he wanted an increase in littering to be tackled and would also wanted to see the maximum use being achieved for the community nursery which the town has taken over.

Colin Hyams has been elected as the deputy mayor for Godmanchester.

Colin Hyams has been elected as the deputy mayor for Godmanchester. - Credit: GTC

Cllr Hyams said: “I want to work with the police and with the district council to deal with some of the issues like anti-social behaviour and littering.”

He said the town also faced issues associated with the huge growth in population over the last few years.