Pupils at Priory Junior School were thrilled to have an all-weather track installed at the start of the new year.

The facility is part of the Daily Mile initiative – which the school introduced this year. The aim of the track is to ensure that each day, as many children and their families can get active and involved in exercise by completing a mile walk or run – whatever the weather outside.

The official launch of the track took place on January 21 with a whole-school assembly outside, and an official ribbon-cutting carried out by Kevin Sadler and Linda Wager – two members of the school’s staff who have been instrumental in promoting running at the school for more than 20 years, through cross-country championships.

Mr Sadler said: “Running is a fantastic way of keeping yourself healthy, and it is wonderful to see the enthusiasm of the children completing the mile. The vivid red is really striking and looks great whilst all the children are getting their active minutes in. The reception has been fantastic from children and adults, so we hope that the habits they develop now will carry on for the rest of their lives.”