The first day of term marked the start of a new era for Upwood Primary School, which joined Thomas Deacon Education Trust (TDET) as Upwood Primary Academy.

It becomes the fourth school to join the multi-academy trust, alongside Thomas Deacon Academy, Queen Katharine Academy and Gladstone Primary Academy.

Sharon Whitelaw, head teacher, said: “We are very excited to be joining TDET and for the new opportunities that being part of a multi-academy trust will bring. We are particularly looking forward to working with other schools in the trust to further improve standards for our children as we strive towards becoming an ‘outstanding’ school.

“TDET will provide a collaborative platform for shared learning and resources which will benefit all children.”

and young people within the Trust, enriching the lives of all stakeholders. We are keen to begin the journey with TDET straight away.”

Julie Taylor, chief executive of TDET, added: “We are thrilled to welcome Upwood Primary Academy on board as they will undoubtedly be a great asset to the trust.”