New community fridge project launched in Huntingdon

Huntingdonshire Community Group Oxmoor Community Fridge

Pictured from Left to Right: Mayor of Huntingdon Karl Webb, Rebecca Rayner CEO Glebe Farm, Kevin Gulson Co-ordinatior of Yaxley Community Fridge, Amanda Turner HDC Community Development Officer, David Jones Headteacher Thongsley Fields Primary and Nursery School, Andy Hunt Glebe Farm and Patrick Kadewere Founder Huntingdonshire Community Group Oxmoor Community Fridge - Credit: Patrick Kadewere

A new community fridge has opened in the Oxmoor this week, on Tuesday March 23.   

The Huntingdonshire Community Group Covid-19 Response Team have launched the new project.   

The group’s founder Cllr Patrick Kadewere said: “Our volunteers have been working nonstop on the ground throughout the pandemic, supporting the community with all of their needs and we are now pleased to announce our new project, The Oxmoor Community Fridge.   

"This is a free to use service for the community, which will run from Thongsley Fields Primary and Nursery School, in response to the ongoing need for food support and to redistribute excess food from supermarkets, local shops, local farms and community donations.   

"No referrals are needed for this service as it is open to all.   

This project is being run in partnership with Huntingdonshire District Council, Thongsley Fields Primary and Nursery School and Food For Nought”   

"Headteacher of Thongsley Fields Primary and Nursery School, Mr David Jones said: “We are delighted to be part of the Oxmoor Community Fridge which will bring much needed support to our community.   

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"Thongsley Fields Primary & Nursery School sits at the heart of the community and has been working hard to support families throughout this very difficult period.   

"The Community Fridge, hosted on our site, and run by the Huntingdonshire Community Group Covid-19 Response Team, will extend support beyond our own school and help a much wider range of individuals and families living in the Oxmoor area.   

"We hope that by helping to redistribute good, nutritious food and other vital items to those that need it, we can build a better, healthier community for everyone.”   

Mayor of Huntingdon, Karl Webb said: “The community fridge could not happen without the support of our local supermarkets, shops, and farms, as well as our community groups working together.   

“I want to pass on my sincere thanks to all of the organisations that have contributed to this initiative to redistribute excess food to our local residents.”   

Cllr Simon Bywater, representative for Huntingdonshire District Council said: “This is an exciting opportunity to deliver a fantastic service in partnership with Thongsley Primary School, Huntingdonshire Community Group and Food for Naught. 

"The Oxmoor Community Fridge aims to make a big difference for local residents by offering free food to the community that would otherwise go to landfill. 

"Addressing environmental issues, helping to bring down weekly shopping costs and bring the community together. 

"At Huntingdonshire District Council we are always looking to make big impacts in the community and this is an opportunity that we are very proud to have been able to support, having been shaped by ongoing work and data from the collaborative Hunts Food Network. 

"In July this year, the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) issued funding to Local Authorities to support their residents to access food and essential supplies. 

"The Oxmoor Community Fridge is a great example and just one of the many fantastic projects that will be launching in Huntingdonshire over the coming months.”   

For more information you can find the group on Facebook at both Huntingdonshire Community Group Official and Oxmoor Community Fridge.  

Email at or call/text Patrick on 07546432183