New bike routes could be built in St Neots

NEW cycle routes could be built in St Neots.

A meeting of the Huntingdonshire traffic management area joint committee will take place on Monday (October 22) to discuss the provision of additional cycle access around the town including cycle routes from the High Street to Berkley Street via Brook Street and St Mary’s Street.

The committee will discuss two options – both of which have undergone a public consultation.

The first proposal is for the widening of the existing Hen Brook path to 2.5m between St Mary’s Street and Hen Brook. This would be shared by cyclists and pedestrians.

Thirty residents responded to the consultation with 16 supporting the move and many stating the path is already used in this way.

Objectors maintained the new path was a waste of money and would deter the elderly and deaf from using it.

The second option is to widen the Millennium path to 2.5m for use in the same way. This consultation attracted 23 respondents, with 14 preferring the scheme.