St Neots to move into Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030

Pictured from left to right are Stephen Ferguson, Christine Green and  Ben Pitt. 

Pictured from left to right are Stephen Ferguson, Christine Green and Ben Pitt. - Credit: SNTC

A new community-driven initiative to move the town of St Neots towards Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030 launches today.  

‘Neot Zero’ aims to inspire and enable the businesses, institutions and people of St Neots to reduce their carbon footprint to Net Zero. 

Ben Pitt, one of the founding members of the initiative, said: “We believe that curtailing carbon emissions at pace is essential to avoid an environmental, economic and humanitarian crisis.  We need change at every level, from central governments to local councils, big businesses to individuals.  

“This change might seem unattainable.  We believe it's not just achievable, but an incredible opportunity to build a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous future. "

Cllr Stephen Ferguson, mayor of St Neots, said: “I believe that the climate crisis is the biggest challenge that our species has ever faced. 

“I’ve had many conversations with St Neots residents who are desperate to do their part in reducing emissions, but don’t know where to start.  

“The point of this initiative is to provide a realistic pathway to Net Zero for St Neots’ residents and businesses, so that we can all play our part in reducing the consequences of the climate crisis.” 

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Neot Zero hopes the community’s shared efforts will bring about other benefits too, such as cleaner air, more abundant wildlife and protection from the volatility of fossil fuel prices.  

The new campaign launching in St Neots will reflect the principles of a just transition, allowing us all to be prepared for the changes that climate change is already bringing to the world. 

The network plans to provide the narrative to understand these challenges and solutions, plus the facts to make informed, practical decisions.  

The network’s planning committee spokesperson added: “We’re certain that residents and organisations have already taken many steps to reduce their footprint and we want to hear their stories.  

“We’d love for you to get in touch and share news of local opportunities and resources you found useful.  

“Do you have any food or waste hacks that have run in your family for years that your neighbours might not know of yet?  

Are there any good active travel routes you can recommend to cut down on traffic? Or perhaps you’d welcome more information or data to support your choices? Then we want to hear from you! Write to us at or visit our website at to pledge your actions.”