Vibrant mural will 'bridge the gap' at St Neots rail station

Unique mural to 'bridge the gap' at St Neots station, created by illustrator Carli Pfurtscheller.

Unique mural to 'bridge the gap' at St Neots station, created by illustrator Carli Pfurtscheller. - Credit: Maciek Platek

A unique mural spanning the length of the bridge at St Neots rail station will welcome visitors by showing the “diversity and vibrancy” of local communities. 

The centrepiece, which measures 47 metres, shows iconic buildings, structures, parks and gardens from each of the parishes that make up the town.  

It took a total of 110 hours to produce the artwork. 

The project came about after Love’s Farm resident Eleanor Gray was on her regular commute home and spotted an announcement for the Passenger Benefit Fund.  

Created and funded by Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR), it covered 274 stations across the south of England.  

It asked for project proposals from communities across these stations.

Left to right: Marcus Pickering, Richard Slade, Carli Pfurtscheller, Festus Oba (GTR), Eleanor Gray

Left to right: Marcus Pickering, Richard Slade, Carli Pfurtscheller, Festus Oba (GTR), Eleanor Gray. - Credit: Maciek Platek

Left to right: Marcus Pickering, Eleanor Gray

Left to right: Marcus Pickering, Eleanor Gray - Credit: Maciek Platek

The community association in Love’s Farm were keen to support the proposal for funding under the title bridging communities - with the train station bridge as its centrepiece. 

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Creative community organisation Neotists were selected to take the project forward.

They selected local illustrator, Carli Pfurtscheller, who had previously produced murals. 

Working closely with Carli, the team began looking at ways to visualise the idea of community using local landmarks.  

“I feel privileged to have been chosen to work on this project. It’s been a challenge given the size and shape of the mural, but I’m really happy with the results,” Carli said. 

“I’ve tried to include as many recognisable landmarks and buildings, old and new, as I could.  

“There should be something in the mural that everyone who lives in the area can relate to.

"There’s a bit of artistic license when it comes to colours as I wanted to make it really vibrant and bright.  

“I hope I’ve done the town justice in the illustration.”  

Once the illustration was complete, local sign company Ensign, were able to print and install the artwork over the bridge.  

Marcus Pickering, chair of Love’s Farm Community Association, said: “This has been a fantastic collaboration between GTR, Neotists and Love’s Farm Community Association with the aim of bridging the communities across the railway line.  

“We are thrilled with Carli’s work, which showcases the landmarks of St Neots in a wonderful way, providing a vibrant welcome to the station and the growing community for visitors and residents alike.” 

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