Mother-of-two who had near-death car accident has thanked paramedics who saved her life.

Jane Evemy with Sharon Mansfield and Martin Smith

Jane Evemy with Sharon Mansfield and Martin Smith - Credit: Archant

A mother-of-two who shattered her pelvis into a “jigsaw puzzle” during a freak near-death car accident has praised the “amazing” paramedics who saved her life.

Jane Evemy, from Hemingford Grey, was overwhelmed on Friday (June 1) when she met up with Sharon Mansfield and Martin Smith, from the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust, who treated her outside Hartford Primary School, in October, 2015. Duty locality officer Andy Stone, who is based at Huntingdon, and also attended the incident in Mayfield Road, was unable to make the reunion.

The mother-of-two welcomed Sharon and Martin Smith, both based at Cambridge Ambulance Station, into her home to thank them.

At the emotional reunion, Jane, aged 59, said: “You were just amazing – I owe you my life. I am eternally grateful that I survived and from what I’ve been told, with the injuries I have, I shouldn’t have been here. I have you to thank for that.”

The accident happened just before 3pm on October 13 while Jane, the carer of a child at Hartford School, was doing the school-run. Jane got out of her car and it began to reverse, dragging her along the road, which resulted in her being run over by the wheels of the car.

Andy Stone was the first on scene, in four-and-a-half minutes, in a rapid response and administered life-saving care and immediately called for back up from the nearest ambulance, which was staffed by paramedics Sharon and Martin.

Sharon was able to explain to Jane what had happened that day, which allowed Jane to finally piece together the story.

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Jane believed she passed out soon after Sharon and Martin arrived when, in fact, Sharon told her that while she was clearly confused and concussed, she talked the whole way to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, in Cambridge, in the back of the ambulance.

Sharon, who has been worked for the trust for 11 years, continued: “Your observations were fine, which was a red herring considering how bad your injuries were, but as soon as you were showing signs of confusion and more serious injuries we knew the best place for you was Addenbrooke’s. Our game plan changed; Martin got straight in the front to drive you there as quickly as possible, and I sat in the back with you and held your hand the whole way.

“It wasn’t until you were scanned at Addenbrooke’s we realised how bad your injuries were. It was the last job of the day for us and it left us quite upset knowing you may not make it. To meet you now, fit and healthy has been incredible.”

Jane suffered three serious breaks to her pelvis, complicated with seven further fractures, a deep laceration to the back of her knee, internal bleeding, and a minor head injury. She spent eight days in Addenbrooke’s and underwent surgery before being transferred to Peterborough City Hospital for a further 29 days.

She said: “I was like a jigsaw puzzle. I’m not sure how they managed to put me back together and I had contraptions and all sorts of metal rods to fix me. I called it my Meccano set. The doctor said it was one of the worst pelvic injuries he had ever seen.”

Jane, who now works in Morrison’s Café, St Ives, explained that recovery took about nine months, with hours of rehabilitation work, but she is now fighting fit and walking normally. She said: “I live my life differently now. This near-death experience it makes you do things differently.

“All the care I received from the ambulance, the hospitals and the consultants was just amazing. I couldn’t fault it. I wouldn’t be here without it. Thank you to you all.”