'All for my beautiful children' says mum told she would never walk again

Mum, Jade Horton, of two children who died in a house fire.

Mum, Jade Horton, of two children who died in a house fire takes her first steps after being told she would never walk again. - Credit: Jade Horton

A St Neots mum who was told she would never walk again after she jumped from her burning home has taken her first steps.  

Jade Horton, who lost both of her children, three-year-old Issac and seven-year-old Sienna Jenkins, in the blaze at her St Neots' home last December was told she had "life-changing" injuries after she jumped from a second floor bedroom.   

She has been recovering at Addenbrooke's Hospital, in Cambridge, from injuries she sustained in the blaze at her home in Buttercup Avenue, Eynesbury on the morning of December 10. 

Speaking to Black Cat Radio presenter, Ste Greenall on Monday, Jade said: “Throughout my six-week stay in hospital I was told, that I would never walk again and I was told that several times and to get that in my head, that it would not happen. 

“Since then, I have never accepted that fact and pushed myself daily with intense therapy, exercises, I stopped my physio on March 5, and that was the first time I was able to walk with a Zimmer frame, so I was really proud of that after what I had been told. 

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“I walked 20 metres, it nearly killed me, but I did it and the thing for me is, it is all in memory for my beautiful children, because I know they wouldn’t have wanted mummy to give up and stop fighting and I will do the best that I can achieve.” 

Jade expressed now that the restrictions have been relaxed this helps her to get help with muscles that are still giving her problems.

She said: “Me and Andy are slowly getting there day, by day, we are doing a lot of meditations and now that the restrictions have been relaxed, I am having a monthly Swedish massage to help my muscles and everything, that’s not quite working still.” 

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Jade closed her interview with Ste by thanking members of the public for their support, she said: “People are still fundraising and most of these are people who I have never even met, it is just so heart-warming.” 

“I just want to say a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that has helped me and continues to do so.  

“St Neots is such great community to live in and it shows that we all care for each other and let’s keep caring for one another.”