Mum’s praise for man who helped baby twins to safety following A14 breakdown

Special Sergeant Paul Jenkins

Special Sergeant Paul Jenkins - Credit: Archant

A Special Sergeant travelling through Cambridgeshire has been praised with saving the lives of twin baby girls.

Sergeant Paul Jenkins, who works for Highways England, was travelling on the A14 on February 21 when he noticed a family who had broken down near the Spittals Interchange.

“I drove past on the other side of the road and saw the car and sensed that something was wrong,” he said.

Nicola Smith, 26, and her fiancé had pulled over after they noticed smoke coming from the bonnet, but decided to get out once they feared it would catch fire.

As well as her seven-year-old son Matthew, Nicola took her six-month-old twins Emily and Olivia out of the car, but, born seven weeks premature she worried they would not cope well in the cold.

“When we broke down I felt sick,” she said.

“I thought we can either stay in the car and risk it blowing up or get out and huddle in the freezing cold by the emergency lay-by phone.

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“While my fiancé called breakdown I looked after the children as best I could but my twins have immature lungs and serious breathing difficulties, so being in the cold by the side of the A14 was just terrible.”

After spotting the young family from the other side of the carriageway, Paul turned around to help, taking them to Cambridge services to keep warm.

“I could have cried and I didn’t think it was real,” Nicola added.

“I honestly couldn’t believe someone would be so kind, and I genuinely believe his actions may well have saved my babies’ lives that day, as their lungs simply cannot handle exposure to such extreme temperatures.”

Paul also calmed Matthew, who has Asperger’s Syndrome.

“He is an angel and a true credit to the police force. I can never repay him or thank him enough for his kindness,” Nicola said.

Paul added: “I’m very glad that I stopped and I’m touched by Nicola’s response.”