Mum who lost children in St Neots house fire thanks public

Flower tributes left for two children who died in a house fire in St Neots.

Flower tributes left for two children who died in a house fire in St Neots. - Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire - Credit: PA

St Neots mum Jade Horton who lost her two children in a house fire in St Neots in December has spoken to Black Cat presenter Ste Greenall from her hospital bed.

Jade remains in Addenbrooke's Hospital recovering from injuries she sustained in the blaze at her home in Buttercup Avenue, Eynesbury on the morning of December 10.

She spoke to Ste Greenall after he contacted her to offer support.  

Ste said: all said: “Jade has asked me to pass on her heartfelt thanks for all the good wishes and goodwill that she and Andy have received in the last few weeks.  

“Everything from the fund-raising that has taken place, through to the neighbours looking after their cat. 

“Sometimes, just those little things can mean so much. 

She told Ste: 'Also a massive thank you to all the services involved - ambulance, fire and police - on the day that helped Andy and myself and especially all the neighbours at Buttercup Avenue'.

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Jade wanted to let everyone know that she is making good progress though the physiotherapy is painful and she will need to be in a wheelchair for a while.  

Jade is progressing well and she hopes she might be able to leave hospital next week.  

Ste said: “But as of today, she and Andy have nowhere to stay. 

“St. Neots. Can you help? I know you can and I know you want to.” 

"The immediate need is for a property for Andy and Jade to move into, as they deal with the loss of Sienna and Isaac and have lost everything they own," explained Ste.

He added: “If anyone knows of a vacant bungalow, please get in touch. Until such time as Jade is able to get around without the wheelchair, a single storey property is a must.” 

Many people left flowers nearby to the house and were left heartbroken by the news and wanted to help Jade and her partner Andy who also escaped the house fire, in any way they could.  

Many fundraising pages have been set up and more than £20,000 has been raised for Jade and Andy, to help provide them with new accommodation.   

If you can help, get in touch with Ste via email: