Huntingdon MP writes letter opposing London, Luton Airport holding stack

Jonathan Diagoly MP for Huntingdonshire 

Jonathan Diagoly MP for Huntingdonshire - Credit: Archant

Huntingdon MP Jonathan Djanogly has written a letter opposing the proposal for a holding stack over Huntingdonshire. 

Me Djanogly has written a letter to NATS and London Luton Airport opposing the plans.   

Back in October 19 2020, NATS and London Luton Airport opened a public consultation and the consultation closes tomorrow, Friday, February 5. 

Letter Opposing London Luton Airport Stack 

MP Jonathan Djanogly writes letter opposing London Luton Airport Stack - Credit: Archant

Within the three page letter, Mr Djanogly says he is opposed to the plans and stated that he has had not one positive response to the plans.   

He said: “There are a significant number of concerns about the proposals throughout my constituency and I can only reiterate that I did not receive a single positive response to the issue, where there seems to be only negative implications for my constituents’ environment and wellbeing.  

“Given that this simply cannot have the priority that existed pre-Covid, I hope this whole issue can be scrapped or deferred for a five-year period.”  

Responses can be made using the form on the CAA Website: