HUNTINGDON MP Jonathan Djanogly has become the latest supporter of a campaign to re-open the town’s historic Falcon Tavern.

HUNTINGDON MP Jonathan Djanogly has become the latest supporter of a campaign to re-open the town's historic Falcon Tavern.

Mr Djanogly has agreed to write to Punch Taverns, the building's owners, following a meeting with campaigners last week.

Faye Linnell, founder of the Save the Falcon Facebook group, hopes that Mr Djanogly's backing will add momentum to her movement to resurrect the building.

Two weeks ago a water tank in the 400-year-old building burst, and last week The Hunts Post published pictures of the inside of the building, which showed the flooded cellar, warped bar floor and dead birds rotting on the stairs.

Mr Djanogly will write to Punch Taverns and Huntingdonshire District Council to find out what action can be taken to prevent further deterioration of the building.

He said: "It's in a terrible state. The first issue is to make sure the landlord realises what a poor condition the place is in, and the strength of public opinion locally.

"I'd like to find out from the landlord what they are going to do about the state of the building. The right thing is to repair the premises and engage in a more constructive way with the people of the town."

"I'm very impressed with the group. They've been very committed in rallying support and I'm looking forward to working with them."

Punch Taverns declined the chance to speak to The Hunts Post, saying the company was still in the process of determining the pub's future.

Mrs Linnell, whose Facebook groups now has more than 500 members, said: "We had a very positive meeting [with Mr Djanogly], and we hope that with his support we can get somewhere.

"I think he was quite shocked when he saw the photos, and at the number of his constituents who were backing the campaign.

"We've been coming up against brick walls, so if he can do what he says then hopefully we can break down those walls."

Since the group started in January, ideas have abounded for the future of the pub, including using it as a community arts and crafts centre.