At the age of 72, a council chairman has taken on a daring challenge to raise money for her village.

Delia Riddle, Sawtry Parish Council chairman took on almost three laps of the Fenland grass track in a sidecar last weekend.

She said: "It was absolutely great - it was a part of the chairman's challenge that I organise every year to raise money for Sawtry."

Councillor Riddle was taken round the track by former champion of the grass track masters Colin Blackbourn.

"He went a lot faster than I expected and at one point I actually fell off and had to be put back in."

In the end Cllr Riddle completed two and half laps round the track dressed in leathers, a helmet and boots lent to her by Sawtry resident Sue Merry.

"I would like to thank Sue for lending me her stuff and the Fenland Grass Track Club for organising it all, also the support of the village has been brilliant."

Unfortunately Cllr Riddle was planned to go round the track three times but due to her falling out of the sidecar it was decided that she would only do two and a half.

"We did half a lap which was a lap of honour, everyone was clapping and I was waving which was brilliant, at the end they gave me the chequered flag and a trophy."

On the day Cllr Riddle managed to raise £188 and is hoping for much more to come from sponsorship.