Motorbike used in anti-social behaviour in Huntingdon ‘resembles cornflake box’ after being crushed by police


Police. - Credit: Archant

OFFICERS have crushed a small motorbike after young people were spotted riding on footpaths in the Oxmoor and Hartford.

Residents complained that a group of young people were riding up and down footpaths, across green spaces and “generally causing a nuisance”.

Pc Jo Grant said: “Not only is this dangerous but very anti social and very inconsiderate to those who have to put up with the noise and disruption.

“Thanks to members of the community who contacted us our team have been out patrolling and engaging with local residents to build an intelligence picture.

“We have now identified and located the group and I can confirm that the small motorbike has now been crushed under section 59 road traffic act and currently resembles a cornflake box as opposed to a motorcycle.”

Pc Grant added: “We will continue to enforce a no nonsense approach to this type of behaviour, as was the case with this incident the owner was given one warning to stop using the motorcycle in an anti social manner.

“This is the only warning that will be given and as soon as further offences are proven we will take positive action.”