Mother’s tribute after son dies in legal high experiment

A BELOVED son stumbled into the path of a lorry on a motorway after he experimented with legal high drugs bought online.

Lorry driver James Blood swerved across four lanes of the A1M near Sawtry in a desperate bid to avoid Alex Matthew Howse after he took 19 times the necessary amount of 5MeO-DALT.

Yet the 26-year-old continued to run into the path of the Heavy Goods Vehicle with a smile on his face before the crash at about 2am on July 3 this year.

Mum Sandra Howse said: “He had been happy and healthy until that night when he had several drinks in the pub and foolishly experimented with a substance that had been bought legally on the internet.

“This was a lethal combination for Alex and we believe that he stumbled onto the motorway in a state of agitation with no awareness of the consequences of his actions.”

The coroner recorded a narrative verdict of death from injuries sustained when he was in collision with a lorry while under the influence of 5MeO-DALT.