Mother makes plea for CCTV after her daughter’s grave is vandalised

Donna Gillespie has spoken of her thanks to the community after vandals destory her daughter's grave

Donna Gillespie has spoken of her thanks to the community after vandals destory her daughter's grave - Credit: Archant

A community has rallied around a heartbroken mother after vandals desecrated her baby’s grave at a cemetery in Huntingdon.

Donna Gillespie has launched a petition for CCTV to be installed at Primrose Lane Cemetery after discovering precious items left at the grave of her stillborn daughter, Jasmine Bailey, had been smashed.

After taking to social media about the vandalism and her petition Miss Gillespie has been shocked at the support she has received.

She said: “It has been really over-whelming, the support has been amazing. Thank you to everyone for their kind words, loving gestures and support.”

Miss Gillespie, 26, of Avenue Road, visited the grave on March 21 in the run up to Mother’s Day.

“I went down there as I was feeling a bit upset as it was coming up to Mother’s Day when I saw the wooden handmade cross we had put up there, ripped up and thrown to one side,” added the mum-of-four.

Along with the cross, a snowman ornament, placed by the family by the grave at Christmas, had been broken into pieces and artificial flowers were missing.

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Just days later, however, kind-hearted strangers had tidied up the grave and added flowers, balloons and teddies.

This is the second wave a vandal-ism that Miss Gillespie has experienced since she buried Jasmine.

“It is absolutely heartbreaking, Jasmine was stillborn in 2008 and I wouldn’t part with her ashes, and in 2011 I finally agreed because she would be properly at rest,” Miss

Gillespie said.

“I am full of regret as it was a really hard decision to bury her – she was my first little girl and when she passed away it felt like the world had ended.”

Since launching the petition more than 150 people have backed her campaign to urge local councils to install CCTV at the cemetery, “I am really happy and really positive with the amount of people that are supporting it as many are saying that it has happened to them and that something needs to change.”

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