Supermarket giant Morrisons has opened its new store in St Ives - and its car park was completely full in under an hour.

The store opened today in St Ives.The store opened today in St Ives.

Manager Paul White said the store was busy, even for an opening day.

A queue of customers quickly built up ready for the 9am opening and shoppers were presented with bunches of flowers as they came through the door.

The ribbon was cut by local boy William Carlson, 7, who has lissencephaly and uses the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices facility at Milton, assisted by his sister Eliza, 4, and parents Helen and Steve.

Mrs Carlson said: “It is nice to be able to take part in things you would not usually do. Hopefully it will raise awareness of EACH as well.”

The store opened today in St IvesThe store opened today in St Ives

There was also a giant cake to mark the opening.

Pat Lombard and Norma Grace, from nearby St Ives Park, were the first customers - having arrived an hour early and wandered into the store before it opened, waiting in the cafe area for the official opening.

Pat said they hoped a footpath they used would remain open to provide a shortcut for local people.

“If the path stays open it is going to be absolutely wonderful for people. It is close to the town and it will give people a real option,” she said.

The store opened today in St IvesThe store opened today in St Ives

Norma said: “I have always liked Morrisons and I have been going to their shop at Cambourne.”

St Ives mayor Cllr Philip Pope - who has had concerns about the impact of the store on the town centre - welcomed Morrisons.

He said: “I have always been open that I prefer to see local business but I think that of all the supermarkets Morrisons is the best fit for St Ives. The support in the community has been overwhelming for the place.”

Cllr Jon Neish, chairman of Holywell-cum-Needingworth Parish Council, said: “It is great to be present at the opening of the new Morrisons store.

Hundreds of people turned up to the opening in St Ives.Hundreds of people turned up to the opening in St Ives.

The Parish Council have fully supported the development of the store from the early planning stage and it is pleasing to finally see it opening today.

“The Parish Council does remain concerned about traffic congestion at the Harrison Way roundabout and will continue to lobby for improvements in this locality.”

Cllr Neish added: “That said the store will be a great asset to the community not least in providing local employment as well as additional retail variety.”

Mr White said the store would be stocking products from 220 local suppliers as well as the traditional Morrisons ranges.

William Carlson opened the store in St Ives.William Carlson opened the store in St Ives.

He said: “I think it has been really well received by the community.”

Mr White paid tribute to the Morrisons team for getting the store ready in time.

The new Morrisons store at St IvesThe new Morrisons store at St Ives