More than 2,500 drivers caught by new cameras installed between Buckden and Southoe on the A1

The motorists have been issued with £100 fines and three points on their licence.

The motorists have been issued with £100 fines and three points on their licence. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The number of drivers caught breaking the speed limit by new cameras on the A1 in just six months is more than 2,500.

In March, a new 60mph limit, enforced by average speed cameras, was installed between Buckden and Southoe in response to concerns about the number of accidents.

Figures obtained by The Hunts Post this week reveal that the total number of motorists issued with a £100 fine and three points on their licence between March and September was 2,599.

July saw the highest number of drivers breaking the limit, with 763 receiving fines, while the lowest figure was for April when 105 were caught on camera.

The cameras, which cover a 2.1-mile section of the A1, cost £1.02million and were paid for with funding from the Government.

Pat King, president of Buckden WI, which has been highlighting problems associated with the speed of traffic at Buckden roundabout, said the number of fines was “absolutely amazing”.

“It just shows that the cameras were needed,” she added. “Let’s hope not so many are caught in the future because it should make them slow down.

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“We need more of them [cameras] on the other side of the roundabout.”

Commenting on the September figure of 382 fines, Terry Hayward, a district and parish councillor for Buckden and chairman of the A1 Safety Advisory Group, said: “The numbers are going down and that, in itself, means the cameras are beginning to work. We are heartened. We are getting the message over that the cameras are there and people have to go 60mph. I anticipate the figures for October will go down even further.”

He added: “From the Southoe point of view, one fear was that it would lead to bunching, making it difficult to pull out, but now it’s easier because they can gauge the speed of the traffic.”

New signs are due to be installed on all approaches to the roundabout at Buckden, where the speed limit is 50mph, reminding drivers that mobile police cameras are often deployed there.

Cllr Hayward added: “Our main concern is the speed at the roundabout and that is why we pushed for new signs.”

The figures in full, are: April - 105; May - 376; June - 446; July - 763; August - 527; and September - 382.