Money raised from sale of facemasks will train mental health first-aiders

From left to right are: Angie Dickinson; Laura Bridgens and Rachel Mulholland.

From left to right are: Angie Dickinson; Laura Bridgens and Rachel Mulholland. - Credit: TIMEBANK

Volunteers at the St Ives and Fenstanton Timebank made more than 200 masks during the pandemic to raise money for CALMTown, in St Ives.

The group were approached by Angie Dickinson, town and district councillor,  for St Ives in April 2020 to make masks and have now handed over the proceeds.

Within a few days, Timebank co-ordinator Zo Weaver and member Rachel Mulholland organised 10 members who sourced suitable elastic in the middle of a major global shortage and made around 200 masks.

Angie and Rachel set up a stall in St Ives and gave the masks away for cash contributions. The money was topped up by Timebank and the finally total was £500 which was donated to CALMTown in St Ives.

Laura Bridgens from CALMTown said: “We are incredibly grateful for the donation. The money raised from the the mask-making project is going to go far in helping CALMTown St Ives achieve its aims of facilitating the training of 100 mental health first-aiders over the next 12 months. This will raise further awareness of emotional and mental health in our community.”