Village Focus: Molesworth community glad to be hosting events again

Molesworth has a book exchange in the old telephone box.

Molesworth has a book exchange in the old telephone box. - Credit: HUNTS POST

The residents of Molesworth are thrilled that community events are back up and running again after 18 months of Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns. 

Angie Claridge, vice-chairman for Brington and Molesworth Parish Council, has shared some details of village events coming up this Autumn.  

Angie said: “Things are returning to some sort of normality, our scout group has returned for their Tuesday evening meetings at the village hall and hopefully they will be taking part in this year's Remembrance Day service at one of the surrounding parish churches. 

“Molesworth village hall which has been a focal point of the village for many different events over the years, has suffered like many other old buildings due to lack of use during the pandemic.  

Molesworth Village Hall needs some work.

Molesworth Village Hall needs some work. - Credit: HUNTS POST

“Funds have been secured to re-do the flat roof, and fund-raising events are being organised by the Friends of Molesworth to revamp the kitchen which is in dire need of updating and is unfortunately stopping the hall from hosting village events. 

“Molesworth is a very sociable village and is looking forward to the return of many of the village get togethers, cricket on the green, themed scarecrow competition, tallest sunflower and heaviest pumpkin. 

“Once the village hall kitchen has had its makeover our winter gatherings for fish and chip suppers, Sunday breakfast club and other events will return. 

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The parish council of Brington & Molesworth are currently in the process of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan along with setting up a Flood Action Group, this again will involve residents of both villages.

Angie reflected on how events were affected in the Covid-19 lockdown last year, she said: “Village events took a beating but by October we were able to have a Halloween event all being very carefully set up so the children could walk around the village dressed up and see all the pumpkins.

“Luckily Molesworth has a resident who is in contact with Father Christmas and they worked out a way of getting all the children of both Molesworth and Brington a present via a tractor and trailer."

Angie also reflected on how village rallied round within in the pandemic.  

Angie said: “In true form the residents rallied together, setting up a WhatsApp group for anyone needing help or desperate for provisions.