Bird poo and chocolate egg theft - life as a modern mum!

Louisa Nevard enjoying some new-won freedom at an outside cafe.

Louisa Nevard enjoying some new-won freedom at an outside cafe in Hunts. - Credit: LOUISA NEVARD

As the weather started to warm up over the Easter weekend, we took advantage of the sunshine and held an Easter Egg hunt in our garden.

My nearly two-year-old saw his sibling running around frantically collecting eggs and loading up their baskets. Eager to join in, he soon realised he could take the eggs from his sister basket without her looking.

As my husband and I burst into a fit of giggles, my daughter was horrified that her kleptomaniac brother had skilfully stolen most of her eggs. To her relief, once the eggs were collected, we shared them out and we all tucked into a small chocolate Easter egg. My little boy was very surprised that there was chocolate inside and wanted to go back out into the garden to look for more.

Easter egg hunt in the back garden

Easter egg hunt in the back garden. - Credit: LOUISA NEVARD

As the sun warmed up and more restrictions were lifted to allow outdoor dining, I decided to take my toddler for a walk through the park and finish off at a café.

I couldn’t wait to re-introduce my son to the café experience with myself enjoying a freshly brewed coffee and sharing a slice of cake. It was a lovely day and as we walked along the river my little boy picked up a stone.

He often loves to carry stones in his hands and will do this for the length of any walk. He excitedly showed it to me and I nodded in approval but I didn’t inspect it too closely, as it was just a stone.

As we approached the café it was time for him to say goodbye to the stone and I promised him a nice treat in return. I gently took it out of his hand and found out that he hadn’t been carrying a stone, it was dried bird poo. Ew!

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After a good clean with hand gel and baby wipes, I was determined to enjoy our trip to a café and stopped off at Poppy’s Tea Rooms. My little boy was very nervous upon our arrival and gave the waitress a suspicious look as she took our order.

This seems to be the go-to look for any new situation, accompanied by gripping me tightly until he’s more comfortable with their demeanour. It did not take him long to approve of the waitress once she had returned with a slice of cake.

As we brace ourselves for the next cold-snap, we’re planning to spend the next month meeting up with family and friends again - some of whom we haven’t seen for over a year!