Mixed reaction to idea of adult venue opening in St Neots

St Neots

St Neots - Credit: Archant

THE idea of St Neots becoming home to an adult entertainment venue has been met with mixed reaction.

As reported in The Hunts Post last week, a business calling itself Omega St Neots wanted to gauge public reaction to the opening of an adult venue in the town.

Omega St Neots – which is described as a partnership between a “local man and an inspired female” – contacted the newspaper to say it is looking to open a stylish and tasteful adult entertainment venue.

Twitter and Facebook accounts had been set up to canvass opinions about the idea.

And The Hunts Post has been testing the water over the past week to see if the idea has, ahem, legs.

Town, district and county councillor Barry Chapman said that it was an appalling plan.

“It’s absolutely disgusting,” he said. “We are trying to improve the town, raise the standards and then people come along and think this is suitable.

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“We already have the Vanilla Alternative [swingers hotel] at Tempsford, the people who like that are not the people we want to attract to St Neots.

“As long as it’s legal, they can do it in their own homes.

“It is degrading to women. This is the 21st century and our attraction is different from many years ago.”

He added: “We want to create a family town, somewhere for people of all ages to go to. They can go to Huntingdon, St Ives or Sawtry, where there’s an empty building next to the sex shop.”

St Neots Mayor Councillor Andrew Hansard said: “They will need to apply for a licence and then we will be better able to see what it is they intend.

“On the face of it, it is not my scene. However, I am reluctant to judge other people’s tastes providing it is within the law.”

But Mary Fowkes welcomes the idea. She posted on The Hunts Post’s website: “I would be up for it! St Neots does lack some evening entertainment and this is certainly what I would be interested in.

“Speaking as a lady in her 20s, why not? I just don’t know how long it will last – clubs’ evening entertainment always burns out quickly.

“The Priory Pub holds ladies nights and this is always successful and a great laugh.”

? A poll on www.huntspost24.co.uk showed that 61 per cent of people were against a strip club.