A woman has been scouring Little Paxton for the last two days in search of her missing pet parrot.

Randy, a seven-year-old African Grey, flew off on Wednesday from his home in Mill Lane while his owner Jean Hall was feeding him. He was last heard wolf whistling at a passer by in Paxton Pits yesterday (September 19).

Among Randy's favourite phrases are "what are you doing", "let me out" and "cup of tea?". His former owner, Jean's 40-year-old grandson Gez Gilbert, said that the pessimistic Parrot also likes to tell people it's raining - "even when it's sunny".

Mrs Hall, who lives with Randy and her son Steve, said: "He's one of the family and we really miss him.

"I was feeding him and he managed to unpick his cage and fly down the hall, I saw him soaring off over the trees down towards the river.

"I've been looking around Paxton Pits for him ever since - I hope he's still alive."

If anyone has seen (or heard) Randy, you can call Mrs Hall on 01480 475719 or 07519 243441.