Youngsters beamed with pride as they collected their certificates and donned their mortar boards.

Mother Goose Corner Nursery and Pre-School held a special graduation ceremony for those that will be going up to ‘big school’.

Manager Valerie Taylor said: “I think it is important for the children as it shows that they can do it and it is a sense of achievement for them when they go to infant school.”

The day was enjoyed by parents, grandparents, friends and the nursery staff who all came to watch their little darlings graduate.

Mum Clare Seymour from Godmanchester was delighted to see her daughter on the momentous occasion.

She said: “It brings the children together and it is nice for us to watch her get her certificate with her gown on.”

Now in its fourth year the graduation ceremony has grown from 22 to seeing 37 children celebrate the end of their time at the nursery.