As politicians from around the region gather at Chelmsford for the European election count, we are providing live coverage and reaction political shape of the East of England emerges.

Results from counts across the seven counties of the East of England are being fed through to the central count at the Chelmer Sports & Athletics Centre at Chelmsford where the declaration of winners is due to be made.

The region - which stretches from Felixstowe to Peterborough and from Cromer to Watford - will elect seven MEPs by a party list system.

On Thursday voters chose which party they favoured - and winning candidates will be selected from the lists put forward by those parties.

Counting is expected to start around the region at about 6pm - but no results can be declared until 10pm at the earliest because that is when the last polling stations close in European countries.

However politicians at the count are expected to be giving their opinions on how their parties have done from about 9pm.

Officials at Chelmsford expect the results to be announced around midnight once all the votes have been counted.

This election sees the debut of two new political parties - Change UK which was formed by The Independent Group of MPs who split from Labour and the Conservatives earlier this year and The Brexit Party formed by ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

There are also lists from the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, UKIP, The Green Party, and the English Democrats - and one independent candidate.