Mental Health Awareness Week 2020: motivational specialist says many are finding it difficult to stay motivated during pandemic

Sarah Stones, Founder of Plain Sailing Motivation

Sarah Stones, Founder of Plain Sailing Motivation PICTURE: Sarah Stones - Credit: Sarah Stones

Sarah Stones is offering free online webinars and says motivation is a key component to good mental health.

A motivational specialist from St Neots says many people have found it difficult to remain positive during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sarah Stones, founder of Plain Sailing Motivation, in Eaton Ford, set up her company five years ago after being inspired to support others.

She found that an important factor to someone’s happiness is to stay motivated and runs online webinars which support businesses, adults and children.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Sarah has been giving free online webinars to help and support people at this time.

Sarah said: “I am a motivational specialist and find staying motivated is a key component to our mental health.

“I deliver positive psychology, up until 20 years ago studies were only carried out with people who suffered from poor mental health and depression.

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“Since then things have changed a lot and positive psychology has been introduced, offering help for positive mental health for families, businesses and children.

“During the coronavirus pandemic, I have been offering mental health help and support for when employees have to make redundancies or when people have been furloughed or made redundant.

“It’s about understanding the range of emotions that come with that.

“I can also help people find new jobs that really motivate them, as being happy in them is crucial to a positive mind-set. “I am also offering free online webinars which you can find on Eventbrite.

“One client I worked with discovered their daughter loves learning and is really motivated by friendships, so I set her projects to do around these two things.”

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