Do you remember the old Megatron at Alconbury?

The Megatron was based at Alconbury and was demolished in 2008.

The Megatron was based at Alconbury and was demolished in 2008. - Credit: KARL BROCKETT

Formerly a space-age themed restaurant, the Megatron building was famously styled to present a futuristic American diner.

The restaurant, at Alconbury, was designed by Campbell Rees Architects and represented a remarkable feat of 1980s retro-futurism.

The restaurant’s spheroid exterior was trumped by extravagance within which included a central computer column that allowed customers to digitally input burger orders, something that was definitely not common at the time.

Inside the Megatron at Alconbury.

Inside the Megatron at Alconbury. - Credit: KARL BROCKETT

The restaurant was taken over and converted to a McDonalds. It was later demolished in 2008.

There are a lot of institutions we’ve loved and lost in Huntingdonshire, but the space-age restaurant at Alconbury is undoubtedly one of our favourites.

Originally built in 1990, the restaurant was going to be the first of many in the Megatron chain.
If you grew the area in the nineties, you will probably remember eating out at the iconic spaceship.

Clothing for working at Megatron one of the wackiest in the industry. Waiters or waitresses wore spacesuits made from a light silver fabric. 

The UFO McDonald’s sadly closed in 2000 due to soaring maintenance costs. It then remained empty for a number of years before it was demolished in 2008. 

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A lot of people have contacted us to pass on their memories of this location. Many remember visiting as  children and going along as a family treat. 

Whilst most can recall the happy memories, others have experiences that are quite contrasting - stating that the venue had a dull atmosphere.

Film-makers Tony Conn and Paul Satchell are planning to make a film about the Megatron and are urging anyone who worked there in its early days, or in its days as a McDonald’s to make contact with them. 

Maybe you have fond memories of attending as a customer or of living alongside the distinctive building. Maybe you didn’t like it at all. Every story is of interest.
As well as looking for your stories the filmmakers are also looking for any photos, video or souvenirs you might have. 

This was obviously a time before smartphones, so photos and video of the venue are rare. 
Your contributions could make all the difference.
Email: or by phone on:  07565037338.