Memorial service at Hinchingbrooke Hospital on Sunday will support those who have lost babies

The Rev Scott Watts

The Rev Scott Watts - Credit: Archant

A memorial service is being held at Hinchingbrooke Hospital for parents and families who have suffered the loss of a baby.

The service, which will take place in the hospital’s chapel on Sunday at 2pm, is to allow parents to remember a baby who died during pregnancy, childbirth or shortly after delivery.

There will be poems, singing, music and prayers and an opportunity to write the baby’s name on a card and light a candle in their memory.

Parents, relatives and friends, of any faith or no faith, are all welcome to the attend the service, which is being led by the hospital’s chaplain, the Rev Scott Watts.

The event is also being supported by Hinchingbrooke’s bereavement manager, Jo Shaw.

“Traditionally, November is all about remembrance so we hold this service on the first Sunday of November each year,” said the Rev Watts.

“It is for anyone who has lost a baby and we hope it shows that our care team at Hinchingbrooke will offer lifelong support and friendship to those who have suffered the bereavement of a baby.”