Memorial garden in memory of brother and sister who died in St Neots' house fire

A memorial garden is to be built

A memorial garden is to be built in remembrance for the two children who died in a house fire in St Neots. - Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

A memorial garden is to be built in memory of two children who died in a house fire in St Neots last December.  

Ana Merino, Kate Booth and neighbours in Eynesbury have set up a Go-Fund-Me page to raise money to build the garden. So far, they have raised £1,822 and hope to reach their target of £3,600.  

The garden will be built in Buttercup Avenue at the spot close to the three-storey house where the family lived and where flowers were laid in remembrance of three-year-old Issac and seven-year-old Sienna Jenkins. The children's mother Jade, suffered life-changing injuries as she escaped from the burning building.

Ana said: “A group of immediate neighbours and myself got together, and set up the fundraising page as we wanted to do something for Jade and the family. 

“We have got a local landscaper to find a plan and we hope we can raise as much money as possible to make this garden for Issac and Sienna. The garden will be created in the same space as where the flowers were laid. 

“It is a small space and will need quite a lot of work doing, no work has started yet as we want to see how much we can raise first. There will also be a plaque displayed in memory of Sienna and Issac.” 

In order to make a space which will last a long time, the plans include permanent structures and a sculpture as well as planting centered around a new tree and incorporating the children's favourite colours. 

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Ana and neighbours have received Jade's blessing to go ahead.

Ana said: “Jade is really happy with our plans to create this garden, she helped to pick out the children’s favourite colours. People have been really generous and we are really surprised with how much money people have donated. 

“We are not there yet, but all proceeds will really help, we are hoping to start the garden in the next few months, but there is no specific date at the moment.  A couple of local businesses have also offered to help out with reaching our fundraising target. A plaque will be placed within the garden with the children’s names on it.”