Meeting held to discuss problem of “boy racers” who drive round Riverside car park at high speed

St Neots sign

St Neots sign - Credit: Archant

A meeting has been held to discuss the problem of so-called boy racers who disturb residents by driving around the Riverside Park at high speed.

St Neots mayor, Councillor Derek Giles, told a meeting of the full town council on October 25 that he had met with nearby residents and representatives of Huntingdonshire District Council in an bid to resolve the matter.

He told councillors he had received complaints from people who were being kept awake, sometimes until 4am, by the sound of revved-up engines and screeching tyres as drivers completed laps of the car park.

Cllr Giles is asking the town and district councils to consider implementing a barrier system, which would mean the car park was not accessible to vehicles between midnight and 6am.

He said: “We used to have a barrier system and this seemed to work well, but I appreciate this would not suit everyone. This problem has been going on for at least five years and something needs to be done. There is also the issue of what happens when these boy racers, although we have had reports of girls as well, leave the car park and drive at high speed through the town.”

Councillor John Dunford said he had also been made aware of drivers taking on laps of the town at high speed.

“This is not even necessarily late at night or early in the morning, it seems to be happening during the day and often on Sundays. They seem to be going down New Street and out to Little Paxton and doing a loop of the town.”

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A meeting was held at the Riverside Park in late October where residents were able to discuss their concerns with Cllr Giles and representatives from the district council.

Councillor Darren Tysoe, who sits on the operational resources committee, has told The Hunts Post: “We are continuing to work with nearby residents and St Neots ward members to agree a workable solution to the issues surrounding anti-social behaviour at St Neots Riverside Park. Options are being discussed, along with detailed costs, impacts and risks.”

A spokesman from Cambridgeshire police, said: “The council will be writing to residents proposing a manually operated barrier with signage in relation to the barrier inside and outside the car park. Ahead of the barrier being installed there will be targeted patrols by the police to make people aware of the installation of the barrier as well as notification to car park users.”

Sergeant Kevin Thorne, from the St Neots problem solving team, added: “This issue is being taken very seriously by both Huntingdonshire District Council and Cambridgeshire Constabulary and we are working together to find a long-term solution to the problem. Anybody who experiences anti-social behaviour should report it to us on 101 to enable us to take action.”

“St Neots Town Council’s development and transport committee were due to discuss implementing a barrier system at the car park as well as plans for a 20mph speed limit in areas of the town last Tuesday.