Meeting called to discuss departure of St Ives school headteacher

Headteacher Mark Patterson,

Headteacher Mark Patterson, - Credit: Archant

An open meeting to discuss the departure of St Ivo headteacher Mark Patterson for parents has been called for Tuesday.

Governors and parents are invited to the Burgess Hall, St Ives, to attempt to get some answers and reassurance after the headteacher left three weeks ago.

Adrian Smith, a parent of two children at the school and an ex-pupil, said: “We apologise for the short notice, but this is an urgent issue and we have a rare opportunity to use the Burgess Hall. We really hope that as many people as possible will be able to make it.

“All we want is what we have always wanted – answers. We have always appreciated that there is an agreement in place with the ex-headteacher, but there are dozens of other questions that we know they can and should answer, but they choose not to.

“A fundamental part of being a governor is to be responsible and accountable for the decisions you make. They have shown no responsibility, no accountability and no remorse for the crisis that they have brought upon the school.

“We haven’t just lost faith in the governors, it has been shattered.”

INFORMATION: the meeting starts at 7pm.