Meet the Sassy Lassies cycling group encouraging women in Huntingdonshire to ride

Members of the Sassy Lassies Huntingdon cycle group before a beginners ride.

Members of the Sassy Lassies Huntingdon cycle group before a beginners ride. - Credit: Hunts Post

A cycling group called the Sassy Lassies Huntingdon have been helping to give woman across the district the confidence to ride and socialise by organising daily bike rides.

Founder of the Sassy Lassies Huntingdon group and British Cycling ride leader, Vikki Beale, formed the group three years ago to be exclusively for ladies to socialise, keep fit and have fun.

There are currently 215 members in the group, ranging from beginners to accomplished riders, with rides arranged to encompass riders of all abilities and posted onto Lets Ride.

Vikki said: "We have a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to spend your time. We have an ethos that we never leave anybody behind.

"It’s all inclusive, and we welcome anyone no matter how fit or unfit, we particularly welcome the unfit, and we help them no end.” 

"Women can sometimes feel intimidated cycling. They can feel quite nervous to cycle on their own, and they can lack confidence and are often intimidated because often a lot of men are much faster, although we’ve got a lot of very fast ladies now. It gives them that safety net."

Before forming the group, Vikki was left feeling low and lost when her cycling partner moved away.

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Without anyone to cycle with, she was told about Lets Ride, which helps you find organised bike rides nearby, with the closest ride to Vikki 30 miles away.

Vikki said: "I joined one, and I drove there, did a ride with them, and I loved it, it was such fun, so inclusive, friendly and warm."

There she met Jenny Parker, the ride leader of the Sassy Lassies Duxford, who was instrumental in getting Vikki to train and become a qualified ride leader to set up her own Sassy Lassies in Huntingdon.

Alongside three other ride leaders, Vikki organises two to three rides a week and even organises trips away and cycling holidays, allowing the woman to "blossom".

 Vikki added: “It works wonders for physical health and mental health. Having that contact with other women, people to ride with, have fun with and laugh with helps, and we laugh a lot."

You can find the group's rides on, with a host of rides to suit any ability. All you'll need is a functional bike and helmet.