Huntingdon and Brampton McDonalds staff plant 170 trees

Business Managers Will King and Mahess Pokhot of McDonalds Huntingdon

Business Managers Will King and Mahess Pokhot of McDonalds who have helped to plant 170 trees in Hinchingbrooke Country Park. - Credit: Eva El Khoury

Staff at McDonalds in Huntingdon and Brampton have helped to plant 170 trees in Hinchingbrooke Country Park. 

McDonald’s franchisee Glyn Pashley and a team of 27 volunteers from his local Brampton Hut and Huntingdon Towerfields restaurants recently came together to plant the trees. 

Franchisee Glyn Pashley, who employs 1,402 part and full-time employees at 18 restaurants across the East and West Midlands, said: “I’d like to thank my staff for giving up their time to be involved in this event.  

“I was proud to see everyone come together in an activity that will benefit our community and future generations.   

“As a local franchisee I understand the positive impact my business can have in the community, and myself and my staff will keep working to make a real difference.”   

Led by business manager Mahess Pokhot and in partnership with local countryside ranger Sam James, the team embarked on the challenge to boost the natural woodland, increase the biodiversity of the park and attract more wildlife to the area.  

The team planted woodland and hedgerow tree species in specific areas to help change the flow of park visitors to allow for the very worn and muddy footpaths to recover.  

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The trees have been planted in an area known as the Spit Head, on the Main Lake which has suffered badly over the last few winters with flooding and an increase in footfall.  

This has also affected wildlife in the area, and by planting the trees, this will give natural regeneration a kick start. 

Visitors will hopefully be able to see nesting birds, including Reed Warblers, Buntings, and the endangered Turn Raft bird species, return to the park.  

Countryside ranger Sam James, from Hinchingbrooke Country Park, said: “Without the hard work from volunteers the park would not be the thriving open space it is today, so from all of us at Hinchingbrooke Country Park and the hundreds of thousands of visitors we have every year, we say a massive thank you to Glyn and his team.   

“It was a great session, and they should all be proud of what was achieved.”